Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chocolate Truffles

Charlie and Chocolate Factory always reminds me of Chocolate Truffles.Now for this months BookClub,this choice was suggested by yours truly and after taking a round of Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory with Charlie,I thought why not make these.These are very simple yet rich and elegant.

Chocolate Truffles are luxurious chocolate bites made from a creamy mix of chocolate and cream,to which various flavourings are added and then rolled in different toppings.It is basically a ganache mix and the flavourings can be butter,corn syrup and also choice of fruity liqueurs ,citrust zest, etc and rolled traditionally in cocoa powder.Other rolling ideas include powdered/chopped nuts,toasted coconut,powdered sugar,powdered dried fruits like strawberries or anything you like that can hold on to the chocolate and enhance it.For a spicy kick you can also mix in paprika or pepper or chilli powder with cocoa and then roll.But I believe chocolate things need no enhancements.They can be consumed as such without any rolling.The idea behind truffles is to imitate the expensive and supposed to be tasty 'truffle fungus' that grows in France and/or Italy.The rolling indicates the dirt in which the truffles are growing.These truffles are very expensive and are known as 'diamond of the kitchen'.

Well I strongly believe that chocolate truffles are the diamond of my kitchen.I referenced here ,but basically looked into all the recipes available on the net.Also I had a very little amount -4 squares of semi sweet chocolate bar so I reduced the recipe and made my basic cooking in the microwave.


Semi sweet Chocolate: 2 oz or 4 squares
Heavy Cream: 3 tbsp
Unsalted Butter: 1.5tsp(optional)

Chop /grate the chocolate and keep aside in a bowl.In another bowl,microwave at 50% power the cream and butter till it reaches boiling point.This may take from 30 seconds to 1 minute or more depending on microwave.First go for 10 seconds and then add in 10 seconds each.Make sure your microwave is at 50% power only.Also this is done usually in double boiler or in a gas stove with medium heat.My portions were too small so I went for a microwave.For larger quantities,this is not advisable.

Once the boiling point is reached,take it out and pour it into the chocolate bowl.Mix well till a smooth thick consistency is reached.Let it remain for a few minutes to attain room temperature.Then cover with a wrap and refrigerate for few hours until they are firm yet rollable.

Prepare the required toppings in a plate.Scoop out teaspoon sizes of chocolate mix and roll in the toppings and keep in the plate /baking sheet.I used 1 teaspoon size mix .Cover and refrigerate until firm for around 1-2 hours or even overnight.

These can be stored in an airtight container or even refrigerated.I did not have to ,as I gorged on these during making,rolling,checking for firmness and the remainder can be seen in the pics.Now lets see what the other members are coming up with.Simran has already started gorging on Truffles.Lets wait for others as well.

This version uses 1.5 tsp (or half tbsp) of unsalted butter and 3 tbsp of cream.If you want to avoid butter you can reduce the cream to 1 tbsp.Basically for truffles the ratio is two parts chocolates to one part cream.Once you add more flavourings or more cream,the chilling time may be more.

This version gives a soft chocolate texture -not hard rock,but if you have eaten Cadburys chocolate,this is similar to that.(I know mine is not that professional-I mean the firm soft texture,).It looks rock solid,but slowly melts in the mouth.If you do not like rolling in anything,then you can pour the ganache mix into lined cupcake molds or even silicon cookie molds with designs.And then chill it and serve it as gourmet chocolate ;)

There are different versions.Each version works well but with different chilling time.So on the safer side,chill it overnight.If you want a hard thin outershell,you have to roll it in tempered chocolate.This is the easiest though.

Hearty Thanks to Cham for reminding me.Chocolates are perfect for Valentines Day.These chocolate truffles are inching towards Priyanka's AsanKhana where she is celebrating Valentines Day in a full fledged manner.


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