Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hasperat Inspired Breakfast Burrito

I am not a viewer of StarTrek,though I used to enjoy Science Fiction-see the stress on used to.These days its only Kitchen &Kid fiction I am looking into.So you can understand I have never seen that movie or even checked it out online,but I stumbled upon Hasperat inspired Burrito on Saffrontrail.Now Hasperat,I found on googling,is a dish resembling a burrito and is prepared from a special brine and is a comfort food to Bajoran humanoid species especially women folks. Now do not get panicky,it is just a burrito and that too made healthy by Nandita of SaffronTrail.I made it similar,though with little adjustments


Tortillas/Rotis :2 atleast
Hummus: 1/4 cup +
Cucumber: 1 small
Carrot: 1 medium grated
Spring Onion: 2 white parts only
Mushrooms: few
Bean sprouts: 1/2 cup+
Soy sauce: little



Peel & Grate the carrots.Slice the cucumber into thin rounds or long strips using a slicer or a mandoline.Prepare the hummus or use store bought.Saute in a little oil,chopped spring onion/scallion(white part only) and mushroom adding little salt.When the mushrooms are almost cooked,add beansprouts and cook till done adding soy sauce in the last minute.If using canned sprouts,drain and rinse them before adding.Keep aside.

Soften the tortilla/rotis on a griddle/oven/microwave for a few seconds on both sides.Whole wheat/grain tortillas are preferred as they are healthier.I had only flour ones which I used.

Take a tortilla/roti.Spread the hummus all over it.You can depending on taste,spread it thick or thin.Top the hummus with the sauteed scallion-mushroom-sprouts mix.Top this layer with sliced cucumber and grated carrots.Sprinkle salt and pepper on top.It looks like...

Wrap up tightly in a jelly roll fashion.Put on an oiled hot skillet/grill and cook for few seconds or around 1 minute on low flame.Cut diagonally into two rolls and serve with your choice of dip or as such.

The whole thing takes under 15 minutes to be done.They turned out tasty & perfect for breakfast.Thanks Nandita,for inspiring me as well.Do check out the original recipe where Nandita specifies the health content in the breakfast.

This breakfast burrito is perfect for MBP:Easy Breezy Breakfast at SimpleIndianfood , an event started by Coffee and also travel to Sindhura's Sandwich Event .


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