Friday, March 20, 2009

Shahi Badam Shorba -Indian Style Almond & Vegetable Soup

Shorbas are North Indian Style Soups.Shorbas are usually vegetables or legumes cooked together in milk/stock/water and then pureed and strained and served as a medium thick puree.Well,if any of you have more ideas/info on a shorba,do kindly share here.Because this is as far as I know about them,though I have tasted several varieties of them-dal shorba,palak shorba etc and tomato shorba being the thick cousin of SouthIndian Rasam.

When Lisa announced Indian Style Vegetarian soups,I knew I needed to try these.I tweaked Tarla Dalals Shahi Badam Shorba -avoiding and adding some veggies.To be honest I never expected it to be so flavourful as it has only one spice bayleaf apart from normal pepper,though the almonds and veggies combine to ensure their magic.

Potato: 1 big
Cabbage: chopped 1/4 cup
Green Bell Pepper: 1 small
Onion: 1 small

Almonds: 1 cup

Milk: 1 cup+
Water: 2 cups+


Butter: 2 tbsp (Can use vegetable oil)

Chop onions ,bell pepper and cabbage finely.Cube the potatoes.Dry roast almonds in a pan/kadai till lightly browned.You can do this in an oven as well.Keep aside.

Heat butter/oil in the same pan,add the chopped vegetables and saute.Once they start cooking and the raw smell goes,add little salt and pepper and 3/4th of almonds and continue cooking for a few minutes.Add milk and water needed to cook the vegetables and bayleaf and cook for a few minutes till they are tender.

Let it cool for a few minutes,then remove the bayleaf and puree in a blender adding more water/milk if needed.Strain to obtain a thick clear pale puree.Boil for a few minutes and then serve adding the remaining almonds(sliced or as such),salt and pepper as per taste and optionally with cream.

I actually went for a total of 1 cup vegetables and 1 cup almonds.You can add your choice of vegetables as well.I also added more water during the straining stage as the puree was very thick and creamy.The soup was very flavourful as the combo sure work the magic.The soup obviously is going to NoCroutons Required:Indian style soups hosted by Lisa.

The soup being full of almonds is also going to Lets Go Nuts:Almonds hosted by JZ of TastyTreats,an event started by Aquadaze of Served with Love


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