Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tried and Tasted : Tasty Palettes

There are several blogs in blogosphere,each unique and distinct and each different from one another.Several recipes- some new, some old, some borrowed,some bookmarked,some inspired and so many variety of cuisines and recipes.It could be the same food sometimes,but different versions or even when same version,the look,the garnish, the angle of picture could differ.Each and every dish speaks volumes of the emotions behind it,the loved ones for whom it is prepared,the tribute to a loved one and the taste of the person not just in food ,but also a view of life in general.

During bloghoping I come across so many recipes in so many wonderful blogs that tempt me sooo much that I always bookmark them.Well sometimes I just stop bloghopping and make these right away.Each one tempts you and you end up making it at once.Sometimes some changes as per taste or availability of items or most of the times you make the same dish without any changes at all and once you taste it and also gets appreciated for it,the admiration towards the fellow blogger from whom you made it goes upwards or skyrockets.You make more and more from his/her blog and find several things apart from food also common.In general we feel we can relate to that person.Well food does bring people together.I personally believe that its a great honour for a blogger when fellow bloggers try out a dish from his/her blog.Its a dream come true and to know your food being appreciated is wonderful appreciation and honour.

To make known the esteemed appreciation of fellow bloggers,we have a wonderful event- Tried and Tasted that showcases a Quality Blog each month and allows fellow bloggers to showcase their version of dishes tried and tasted from the chosen Quality Blog.Tried and Tasted is a tradition started by Zlamushka of SpicyKitchen,and an event that I look forward to take part.It allows you to put forth the admiration you feel towards the gourmet blogger whose blog is being showcased and the dish/dishes you have tried with or without changes.Most part of last year,it was hosted by the creator herself,but for the first time,I have been given the opportunity to host the first edition ,Thanks to Zu.It is the first edition of T & T this year and also the first event hosted here and we start this year with a delicious and beautiful blog: Tasty Palettes.

Suganya,the wonderful lady behing the quality blog needs no introduction.You visit the blog and are stumped at the breathtakingly beautiful dishes.The photography is too much inspiring especially after seeing the several Photgraphy Contest wins on the side bar.As for the dishes,you eat them first with eyes and then you taste them.A complete satisfaction to the eyes and your hunger pangs. In the words of the wonderful -"Even a simple dish can be made took elegant or extra ordinary with proper plating".Be it the simple dal or the blackbean timbale,you are astounded by the creativity behind the thoughtful dish.Words are insignificant to describe the Art of food captured at Tasty Palettes.To cut a long story or admiration short,this month T & T is inviting each and everybody to contribute to the event by trying and tasting the delicious dishes from Tasty Palettes.

The rules are:

  • Cook any recipe(s) from the blog of the month and post about it. Stay as true to the original recipe(s) as possible. Therefore, there is no need for re-posting it, simply link to the original post :-)

  • There is no time-frame for the original recipe.

  • Link your post HERE (the use of logo is not a must,but much appreciated)and also Zlamushka's original announcement and to the original post.

  • Please always link to both sites of the dish, so both blogs are given credit and you are avoiding copyright fuss.

  • Deadline is the last day of the month(31st March,09) and the round up will be posted within a week.Non-bloggers are more than welcome to participate .Simply e-mail me with your experience of what you cooked and please include a picture.

  • After posting the dish,send an email to tastycurryleaf{at}gmail{dot}com replacing {at} with @ and {dot} with . with T&T:TastyPalettes in the subject line and your name,your blog name,url,post url,url of the original entry and picture of anysize.

This is my first event and I am sincerely counting on all of you to make this event a success.Looking forward to delicious participation...


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