Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tasty Tour with Tasty Palettes

For a long time I have wishing to go on a world tour visiting places,meeting people and ofcourse savouring delectable vegetarian recipes from each and every part.This month I was on one such tour with Suganya of TastyPalettes,thanks to Zlamushka.We cooked together, and met wonderful people who also admired TastyPalettes and generally had wonderful food.

We started our journey from Mexico snacking on delicious and spicy Tofu Fajitas.Suganya had made vegan fajitas where tofu is marinaded in chipotles in adobo and grilled/pan fried along with peppers and onions that add crunch.Don't tell me my mouth is stuffed with peppers and tofu,um um ummmmmm....yummy.The only change I made was that before grilling,I mixed pepper and onion strips with whatever small amount of marinade left behind by tofu and it added that extra spiciness.

After fajitas from Mexico we went to my favourite place -Italy and what do you know we reached there exactly at lunch time.Don't you worry,Suganya dished out a quick Pasta e Ceci (Pasta with Chickpeas) -quick,wholesome and in her words rich in fibre and protein.The only change I made was the use of basil leaves instead of rosemary(I love both basil and rosemary,but family vote goes for basil).
When I started gorging on the delicious pasta,what do I see on the side,easy eggplant bake-a lazy quick version of Eggplant Parmesan as Suganya says .Suganya,did I tell you I love eggplant parmesan?This quick version made the day for me.Forget the photos(I know I cannot even reach near you),I gorged on happily.Here also basil wins against other suggested fresh herbs and enters the quick sauce.

Don't you think I ate more that I needed?Really,don't you worry,here comes Suganya with a small shot of Ginger Cordial or Sorasam, a gingery drink that helps in digestion and also cures stomach aches and a small shot is indeed enough.
From Italy and after Sorasam which is traditional and reminded of home,we headed back to India.By the time we reached here we were hungry again and were craving in Sfor hot and spicy and thick and creamy soup .And she chopped few veggies ( I used only green bell pepper,potato and carrot),roasted them in the oven and served them with Spicy Dal.
Delicious. and comforting.
After a culinary journey around the world,when we come back home,it is always home cooking that comforts us and it is always hearty and filling ummmmmmmmm

Do you hear my burp/belch,Yes,err then let me sign off before you hear my snores.So Thank You Suganya for allowing us to try and taste your wonderful dishes and also Thanks Zlamushka,for giving me the opportunity to host Tried & Tasted with TastyPalettes.

Hey,Wait,don't you want to know who all we met on our journey?Wait and watch.......

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