Sunday, March 15, 2009

Walnut Vegetable Pate

Pate is a piced mixture of minced meat and fat in the form of a spreadable paste .Generally it is a sandwich spread/topping/dip made from gizzards,liver and other parts of poultry or animals along with nuts,spices,vegetables and sometimes wine.Vegetarian pates are quite easy to make, containing nuts,tofu,beans or vegetables sometimes raw or cooked and can be made easily in the food processor.Vegetable pates can be used as a sandwich spread or dip depending on choice.I made a pate using walnuts and quickcooking vegetable after referencing several similar recipes from the net.

Vegetables : 3/4 cup (I used carrots,green bell pepper,scallions)
Walnuts : 1/4 cup+
Garlic: 1 small clove
Olive Oil

Clean and chop all the vegetables finely.This fastens cooking.In a wok/kadai/thick bottomed pan add very little oil and saute the vegetables adding spices and crushed garlic for a few minutes.I sauteed them till they were cooked yet crunchy.This takes only few minutes.Also add chopped walnuts during the last 1 minute of cooking.This also gives them a roasted flavour.Allow the veggie-nut mix to cool a bit and coarsely grind them in the processor.
I served them on toasted whole wheat bread topped with lettuce and cucumber.Generally use the pate whatever way you prefer.

You can add your choice of vegetables and even nuts in pate.You can avoid roasting nuts and simply add them while grinding.You can use your choice of spices as well.

Walnuts are preferable here as they have good fats -walnuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and help in lowering cholestrol.The addition of vegetables make this all the more heart healthy.So this pate on toasted whole wheat bread is perfect as an anytime food and I think is also the heart healthy choice and this is on the way to HOTM:Finger Foods where the second anniversary is being celebrated.


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