Friday, May 1, 2009

FIC: Favourite May 2009

Each of us in all stages of life are influenced by colours.Blue for boys,Pink for girls right from infancy we hear.We grow watching the seasons change and along with it the respective colours of nature -White for winter,Orange for summer etc.Every season we categorize as per colour.We ourselves prefer different colours during each growth stage -Shy colours during childhood,bold colours during the teen years and a different colour for each mood swing and lighter and more sophisticated as we mature.Definitely we can see colours in the dishes we prepare.

But sometimes a particular colour travels right from beginning with us and influences us.We feel it makes us feel powerful,shows our temperament and is definitely our favourite colour and our Lucky one.Be it choosing a dress,car or furnishing apartment and even sometimes while facing interviews or writing exams we are influenced by it.

While not going into the details or scientific explanation of colours and their influences,lets celebrate the colours we like or prefer over others.So this time the Food In Colours started by Sunny Sunshinemom of TongueTicklers celebrates the favourite colours with FIC:Favourite here at TastyCurryLeaf

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Prominent rule this time:

Multiple entries are allowed
A blogger/non -blogger with Red as favourite can send in several dishes where red is prominent .

Other regular rules are
  1. Raw vegetables are not allowed except if used as such in salads or prepared food!
  2. Multiple entries of a single favourite colour are welcome as long as they are posted between 01.05.09 and 31.05.09.No Linking back to the previous posts
  3. The food item should be vegetarian which means no eggs, the post should be a vegetarian post.
  4. If your food is cooked from any other blog or site please link your post with the name of the blog/site rather than 'here'. Also link your post to this post announcing the event and also to SunshineMom's Event Announcement .
  5. The use of logo is optional,though recommended.
  6. Email me at -tastycurryleaf(at)gmail(dot)com, replacing the (at) with @ and (dot) with . alongwith these details
  • subject line - FIC Favourite,
  • Your name,
  • The name of your blog and its link,
  • Your Favourite Colour
  • The name of the dish and the link and 300 px width/height picture
If you do not have a blog, just email the recipe and a picture and the favourite colour

The last date for entries : 31st May 2009 till midnight your time wherever you are. So do send me delicious and new entries in your favourite colour and the celebrate the best colour in your life.

Looking forward to colourful participation......


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