Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cranberry Jello Fruit & Nut Minis

Cranberries are in season during the last two months of the year and are a major part of Thanksgiving.I found that there is a simple cranberry and raspberry jello salad which is supposed to be traditional and adjusted the recipe a bit.It is very quick and involves only freezing.


Raspberry Jello : 2 packet
Cranberry sauce : 1/4 cup (homemade /store bought)
Walnuts: 1/4 cup chopped
Fruits:1/2 cup chopped
Peach Nectar(optional)


Prepare the jelly as per package instructions and mix in all the other ingredients and pour into mini muffin tin lined with paper cups.Refrigerate overnight or atleast 4 hours.Serve individual jello cakes in plates or line together in a big serving tray.

You can add whatever fruits/dry fruits/nuts to this.Normally 1 packet jello is used.But to help setting another additional packet or atleast half packet of unflavoured jello is used here.I have used chopped apples and pears and also added peach nectar ,just for the additional flavour.Also instead of muffin tin,you can make it either in a big dish or in dessert cups as well.Muffin tin makes the job easier and avoids cutting/serving of the jelly.Actually anything can be added to the jelly apart from the ingredients mentioned

Relishing on this wonderful jello salad on the last or 30th day of Recipe Marathon,lets look back to see who else are the winners:
1)DK 2) Srivalli 3) Ranji 4)PJ 5)Medha 6)Priya 7)Bhawna 8)Raaji 9)Ruchii 10)Anu 11)Kamala 12)Roopa 13)Divya Kudua 14)Rekha 15)Divya M 16)Lakshmi 17)Raaga 18)LakshmiVenkatesh 19) Sripriya 20)Viji 21)Kamalika 22)Pavani 23)Karuna 24)Roochi


notyet100 said...

droolin again,,,,;-)

anudivya said...

That is cute, I have heard that using silicone muffin pans makes them pop out easier, but never tried it.

Priya Suresh said...

wowow lovely n so cute jello..delicious also awesome..

Yasmeen said...

looks pretty,gotta try this before the cranberry season is over:)

Beyond Curries said...

Sweatha, if you don't know already jello is made of gelatin which is made of animal bone marrow. So is marshmallow also. I'm mentioning this because you are into vegetarian cooking.

Cham said...

Beautiful, i ve seen in Holiday cooking book this recipe!

Sunshinemom said...

Absolutely beautiful cups of jellos!

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