Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are appetizers or snacks that are fried or baked and we usually associate them with Chinese.I thought Vietnamese spring rolls were same until I got hold of one packet.These can also be fried but an easier and traditional way is to eat them fresh or blanch/dip them in hot water (not boiling)for a few seconds and then add filling.They are made mostly of tapioca and rice flour -well not the normal rice,but the Vietnamese glutinous rice and other ingredients Anyway a dip in warm water is enough to cook them ,but they have to be handled with care after their dip,as they turn a bit gooey and sticky.As for the filling,authentic rolls contain bean sprouts,meat,cellophane noodles,veggies sauteed in nuom cham sauce and such things.Given below is just my version of Vietnamese Rolls.


Mixed Vegetables: 1 cup (I used carrots,beans,cabbage,green bell pepper)

Spices and seasonings as per choice and taste
Soy sauce
Salt & Pepper

First prepare the filling.Finely chop or grate all the veggies.Saute them in oil along with ginger-garlic mince/paste,salt and pepper and soy sauce.I sauteed them till they were cooked but still crunchy.You can also steam them if you want and your choice of spices and veggies.
Prepare the spring roll wrappers.

Fill a shallow tray big enough to hold the wrappers and fill it with warm water.Place the wrapper in this for a few seconds.As it gets cooked -freshens up- hold it with both hands and carefully put in another plate.As it freshens up - it will turn transparent and sticky/gooey and some uncooked parts will puff above the water.The uncooked part will be bit plasticky and gently put it back in water so that it gets cooked.Another way is to keep the wrapper in a rimless pan (tawa)and gently drizzle warm water from one side of the wrapper to the other and then gently tilt it over the sink once the wrapper is ready so that the excess water is drained off.


Put the filling on the wrapper and roll it upwards in spring roll fashion.Fold the bottom over the filling,fold in the sides and then roll upwards to obtain a neat roll shape.
Now the spring roll is ready to munch on.Serve with your choice of dipping sauce.

A look of the filling .....

These are very simple to make -no need to get worried about what I have written regarding their dipping in water.This takes just minutes and is super easy.Moreover the packet of wrappers comes with instructions on how to do it.You can even make spring rolls out of leftover veggies as well.These are best when served warm and /else can also be fried.

Gorging on these spring rolls,lets check out what fellow runners are enjoying:

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