Sunday, November 2, 2008

Coffee Cookies

Coffee is a widely consumed stimulant beverage.I am not going to sing praises about coffee for the fact that I am not a coffee person,but rather a tea person.I enjoy inhaling the aroma of hot coffee,but thats it.I enjoy drinking tea more than coffee.Coffee Lovers,before you glare at me,let me tell you, now I also enjoy the coffee cookies or rather the cookies I made with filter coffee granules that turned out so good,that I could not stop munching on them. Actually when MonthlyMingle theme was announced by Meeta,I was sure this time I will not be sending any entry,but still when I saw one unwanted filter coffee sachet(Maxwell house brand) sitting in the dark side of my cabinet,I thought why not.I googled,yahooed and etc ..searched and found one that did not look like much work, and it turned superb,so here it is


Unsalted Butter : 1 stick room temperature
All Purpose Flour: 3/4 cup
Coffee Granules/Powdered Instant coffee: 2 tbsp
White sugar: 2/3 cup
Chopped Nuts(any):1/2 cup
Vanilla Extract:1/2 tsp (optional)
Flax Seeds: 1 tbsp ground with 3 tbsp water to obtain a creamy brown mix.
Egg: 1

Cream together butter and sugar and coffee powder in a bowl.Add in the flax seeds, flour, chopped nuts and vanilla and blend well.I used roughly chopped walnuts.You can use any nuts.Vanilla is optional,as the cookie has a predominant coffee aroma and taste whether or not vanila is added.

Drop teaspoonfuls on a greased baking sheet atleast 1 inch apart from each other and bake in batches in a pre-heated oven for 10-12 minutes at 350F.Cool on wire racks.

Serve as a midnight or anytime snack or a quickie breakfast with a glass of milk(thats my idea and ofcourse not for kids please) or whatever time or way you wish.After I inhaled the aroma that wafted during baking,I could not wait to try them and once I did I could not stop.
Now let me clarify,I am still a tea person,but these coffee cookies are my favourite anytime snack and now a regular in my house,and am sending a pack of these to Monthly Mingle:Coffee and Tea and thanks Meeta,bcoz of you I am now enjoying these.

A lovely warm packet also go to Madhuram's Egg Replacement Event:Flax seeds as I had replaced a single egg used in the recipe with a flax seed +water combo and it suited perfectly. Thanks Madhu,I am a tofu person when it comes to egg replacer,but this time your theme made me choose flax seeds over them.This is the second time I am workingwith these ,first are my jelly scones.Enjoy the cup of cookies.

On a different Note:
Lubna of KitchenFlavours and Purva of Purva's Daawat have honoured me with a Sweet Chocoholic Award.THANKS GIRLS,IT IS WONDERFUL GETTING THIS SWEET AWARD FROM WONDERFUL GIRLS LIKE YOU.

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