Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ginger Grape Punch

This is a recipe that I found in an old cookbook.I had all the ingredients and summer was the perfect time for it.Here's the recipe.

Black seedless grapes:1/2 cup or 15 big ones
Pineapple cubed:1/2cup
Lemon :1 juiced
Sugar:3 tbspn
Salt:1/2 tspn
Ice Water:1-2 cups


Blend together all the ingredients and strain.You can dilute it if needed or if you do not want the gingery fruity flavour hitting your tongue.Serve chilled topped with ice cubes.

This drink is perfect for summer and as an afterdinner dessert as it has ginger that helps digestion and also the fruits.So this goes to WYF:Juices & Icecream event at Simple Indian Food

and also to Sweet Series:Cool Deserts event at Paajaka recipes.


EC said...

Thanks for sending this very healthy and nutritious drink to the event

Stef said...

I made this yummy punch for Taste & Create. It was refreshing and tasty!

Thanks for visiting my Blog

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