Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spinach Cutlets

I had an extra bunch of spinach and did not know what to do with it.I had also not prepared any evening snack with spinach and decided to use spinach for that.I did not want to saute the spinach as in usual recipes so simply chopped it and added to make the cutlets.I have added whatever ingredients I had that were leftover like mashed potato,breadcrumbs with cheese etc.It was good thing 'coz they served as binders and the cooking was done quickly.

Spinach:1 bunch
Onions:1 medium
Ginger:1/2 inch
Bread Crumbs:1tbspn
(Mine were cheesy breadcrumbs.You can use regular and/or add extra shredded cheese(any cheese))
salt&Pepper:as per taste
Semolina(Rava):1 tbspn

Chop spinach onion and ginger finely.Boil,peel and mash potato.In a bowl add all the ingredients and little water as needed to form a dough.Shape into small cutlet shapes and freeze for 5-10 minutes.Heat a skillet/tawa add oil,place the cutlets and roast on both sides till the spinach is done. Serve hot with Tomato Ketchup.

If you want you can avoid bread crumbs/rava and use corn flakes/oats and can add any veggies you like for a healthy snack.


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