Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beet Sukke

This is a Konkani dish .Sukke means 'dry' in Konkani.This is one of the easiest dishes to prepare and goes as a dry curry with rice.

Beetroot:1 cup
Coconut scrapped:2tspn
Red Chilli flakes:1tbspn
Salt:as per taste
Chana dal:1 tspn
Mustard:1/2 tspn

Peel,wash and grate beetroot in a bowl. Add coconut scrapings,red chilli flakes and salt to the grated beet.

Heat oil in a pan.Add mustard.As it splutters,add chana dal,saute till it starts to brown,add the beet mixture.You can add a little or no water to this as beet when mixed with salt gives out water.Cover and cook for few minutes.Serve as a dry side dish with rice.


EC said...

I just love beet, but chop them off to some pieces instead of grating as it takes more time...lovely color

CurryLeaf said...

Thanks a lot EC,Nice of You

Thanks for visiting my Blog

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