Monday, August 4, 2008

Plum Preserve

This recipe I did after being inspired by Cham's microwave apricot preserve.I had plums in my pantry and wanted to try out something.I was vary as how they would turn out.So most of them went into Plum Crumble and remaining into this preserve.

Rep Ripe Plums:1/2 cup
Sugar:1 tbspn
Cinnamon powder:1/4 tspn


Clean the plums and peel and chop them and remove the pits.In a microwave bowl,add and mix these ingredients.Microwave on high for 2 minutes.Then takeout and mix well.Microwave again for a few minutes.Check the microwave after every 1 minute and mash the big pieces if any.Take out and let it cool when all the water has evaporated.Once cooled store it in sterilized jars and refrigerate.Mine was over the same day as I had used a very small quantity and it was delicious.

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Sunshinemom said...

Hi Sweatha, Thank you for this lovely red entry! This sounds really easy to make apart from tasty!

EC said...

That is a real red one...thanks a lot for participating

Unknown said...

lovely recipe..easy to make in microwave..Have plums in my definitely going to try this..

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